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how to ink and color a cartoon with photoshop

In this tutorials you can see how I inking and color a “care”(image) from my comic book “the cursed tap”!
For inking comic books it is essential to know Photoshop ((or Painter( a very good inking and drawing program)) (I have to make a video tutorial about inking with painter in the future! ) spend some time to learn how Photoshop’s brushes behave! in this tutorial you see that a have draw the image with pencil and a had scanned it with my scanner in 300dpi, then with a normal Photoshop brush(hard round 19 pixels) and I begun the inking progress, the brush Tip shape is shape dynamic and NO, NO, NO, NO SMOOTHING! again NO smoothing .when you inking you don’t want to have a smooth brush !!
If you don’t have a tablet ... ... .. get up and go get one!(from your dad, friend, etc etc etc…) because if you don’t have a sensitive tamplet then you spend your time and energy not to inking but to save your nerves from the “nerves break down” disease!!(I haven’t a tamplet and I know very well what happen when you don’t have one of this thinks!!!)
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